Lao Development Bank

Lao Development Bank (LDB) is a State Owned Commercial Bank with 100% capital owned by Ministry of Finance (MOF) operating under the suppervision of the Bank of Lao PDR. LDB has been actively contributed to the implementation of the State/Party’s policies and guidelines basing on its rights and roles in order to stimulate the national social-economic development.

Lao Development Bank, HO 013 Souphanouvong Road Sihom Village,Chanthabouly District Vientiane Capital, LAO PDR P.O BOX:2700 Tel: (+85621) 213300-03 Fax: (+85621) 241275

Exchange Rates

Date: 23-10-2018
Img   Buy in Kips   Sell in Kips  
USD 8,518.00 8,534.00
THB 266.53 267.36
GBP 10,777.00 10,991.00
CHF 8,004.00 8,163.00
JPY 73.66 75.12
AUD 5,851.00 5,967.00
CNY 1,197.00 1,221.00
VND 0.3650 0.3722
CAD 6,117.00 6,239.00
EUR 9,581.00 9,629.00
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International Services

Lao Development Bank provides custormers with fast, safe and effective international fund transfers in different foreign currencies via its corespondent banks worldwide for making payments of goods, services, school fees, doctors fees, etc. Your fund transfers can be made either by SWIFT or by Western Union (a fast fund transfer system of which the beneficiaries can receive the transferred money within 10 minutes).

International Services
Western Union


Lao Development Bank offers 3 options of deposit account such as: Fixed Deposit, Saving account and Current account.

Fixed Deposit: Term Deposit Accounts earn higher interest than saving accounts depending on the terms of deposits such as: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months and 60 months. The deposit with 24 month and longer tern can receive interest for 1 year in advance. While any deposit with term shorter than 24 months will receive the payment of interest on a monthly basis or at its maturity.

Saving account: It is suitable for your savings for safety and wealthier future reasons. The Bank pays interest at an appropriate rate twice a year at the end of June and December. You can deposit and withdraw at any time during banking hours and 24 hours at any ATM linked with LDB’s network. You can also make payments for goods and services though LDB’s EDC machines at any location over the country (Electronic Fund Transfer at Point of Sale/EFTPOS) as well as LDB Mobile Banking.

Current account:With this kind of account, customers are allowed to make various payments in the forms of transfer, cheque or cash withdrawals. The account owner is provided by the bank with cheque books. This account must have a positive balance remaining at all times.


They are loans for promotion and support of SMEs legally operating in different industries such as: trading, service, manufacturing, good production, etc. In addition, this group of customers normally has regular cash flows, capital contribution and security/collateral. The repayments of principal amount of normal credit/loan facilities are using made by installments based on cash flows, while the repayments of the revolving credit facility can be made as many times as you like and you can also disburse the loan again and again as long as the usage of loan is for right purpose. It operates the same as an overdraft facility (O/D). This type of facility is suitable for regular cash flow businesses.

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Lao Development Bank ATM card is an electronic debit card, which help you to make different banking transactions such as: making payments of goods/services at points of sales where swiping machines of the Bank are available. As well, you can withdraw cash any time every day 24 hours. More...


Mobile Banking

LDB Mobile Banking is a new product, which can make financial transactions more easily, conveniently, quickly and safely anywhere. You can also save time and money. Some Bank transactions, which can be made by LDB Mobile Banking. More...

Online Statement

LDB Online statement allows you to conveniently check your financial transactions anywhere anytime. Online Statement