LDB Biz is the service system of the Lao Development Bank that allows entrepreneurs to manage their accounts without coming to the bank as the service to enable its clients to make their financial transactions via the internet over 24 hours throughout the day by logging into the Web Browser and Application via Computer, Tablet and Smart phone devices that can connect to the internet.

We have developed Online Banking system called “LDB Biz” to make you more convenient, quick and modern with easy and simple, reduced operating steps-windows that can do variety of transactions for instance: uploading payroll employees, transferring money within LDB, bank-to-bank transfer within the country, paying for public utilities, and monitoring the accounting statement and after completing transaction, there are bank transfer slips every time, equipped with high security system at international level

  • You can easily process the payment of staff payroll by yourself.
  • Many types of money transfer, such as money transfer from bank to bank in Lao PDR and within the Lao Development Bank itself.
  • Pay tax, electricity and water bill, telephone and internet bills, top up phone cards, one-stop service tax bills, and check your payment history.
  • View account transaction details such as saving account, fixed deposit account, current account and loan account.
  • Print a subaccount list.
  • Easily check the daily exchange rates of all currencies.

  • You must have a saving or current account with LDB.
  • You must be the authorized owner of the account or be authorized by the authorized account holder.
  • Accept the terms and conditions for using service and provide accurate and clear information in the bank's service application form.
  • In case the account holder who has the right to make any payment gives the right to his/her representative, he/she shall bring in a letter of attorney from the account holder.
  • Copy of ID card of the account holder, copy of ID card of the assignor and the assignee.

Registration form: You can apply and fill out the form at LDB Headquarter, all branches and LDB service units.